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Everyone wants to look good.

We crave that muscular, lean physique beaming at us from the adverts , magazines , commercials websites or Youtube channels. We get bombarded with these images of extremely well looking people literally everywhere . You would have to live under a rock to get away from it. This situationputs us in 2 categories : those who go for it and those who try.

Let me prove you that You shouldn’t bother and show how to focus on things that are way more important , a different point of view.


I’ve started my adventure with fitness and nutrition world from bodybuilding. An obese person dropping 45kg of fat and getting that completely shredded beach looks . Changing my body from Peter Griffin to Peter Andre . Just imagine how massive change can that be in one’s life .

When looking at the pictures of my heroes at that time, it was still far away from good enough. I kept on lowering my calorie intake while increasing protein percentage and training even more and harder ! Higher frequency more caffeine and other stimulants , more an more and more training twice a day . All of this ended with me being really lean ( #skinny ) , and completely exhausted with demolished bunch of hormones .

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Lessons to be learned … I decided to bulk up. Gained some belly fat in a process , and began to reduce it again . I continued the procedure back and forth for couple of years , experimenting with so many diets. All of that just to get that beach looks for the summer, I realized that it’s the kind of game that people like me will never ever win , due to our genetics. When we lower our body fat to a really low levels , a lot ofbad things happen in our bodies.

First of all, the Vast majority of the beautifull people even withing the fitness industry , are just not really fit ! Some of them are exceptionaly genetically superior to the rest of us , which allows them to function with very low body fat levels . Rest of them just destroys their bodies dieting for a photoshoot after which they binge and look nothing like those pictures. For us it’s that second part of story.

There is a different group at which i recommend You to look at . It’s the actual athletes whose discipline requires on their bodies to maintain lean physique all year round ! It almost never ever ever comes as a main focus for any of them. They train for performance, in elite sports level there is really no time to focus on reducing Your fat tissue for a long time .

Your body doesn’t hold fat because it hates you , on the opposite , it loves you so much that it’s defensive mechanism likes to hold on to it just in case of famine. You can’t gather food nor hunt ? Well you still got that emergency belly You can live off for a while , You know ? Just in case 😉 This is one of the big reasons why being fat adopted is a great advantage in sports and nutrition world. There is more and more athletes who turn into diets higher in fat especially in the endurance world. Have You ever seen an obese endurance athlete ?

If You take a look at the bodybuilders , how inefficient is having such a massive body. Being super lean and muscular is a massive cost that just doesn pay out. You wont be able to pull of a really long run and You can’t recover quickly as well, It’s a game of playing with hormones . If You havn’t already been born lean , there is very little You can do outside of drugs to maintain that type of physique thru out the whole year and not training like a maniac . I’m not trying to diminish a value of asthetics, having a visible abdominals at least when Your body is pumping blood during workouts should become Your standard. I’m just simply trying to persuade You to train for completely different reasons . That way Your chances of being lean are much higher , because if Your body requires to drop down or gain some weight to be more efficient at the given task , it will do so ! It won’t do it though because You think it would be cool to have a certain looks. A huge bicep can be quite a big disatvantage in real life, as there is not a single practical movement that requires an isolation of muscle ! #Curls are for Girls

Sign up for a sport which You could enjoy competing in even at an amatour level , for me it was Cycling , it has completely changed my life . Being a part of a sport is a great way to find like minded people and improve your skills so so much quicker. Sign up for Gymnastics , Dance Classes , jogging events just for the challenge of completing them at first, You shall see how quickly it can develop into a huge passion which will uplift your life’s quality a lot !!

Nowadays I Don’t really focus on one discipline myself, I try to explore a world of movement . I don’t treat sports as a way of burning calories to look better, I use it as a tool on my self improvement , just as much as meditation. I focus on movement patterns , something i picked up from Ido Portal. And I don’t have as much time to do just sports as i try to train my brain as well. I shift my workouts balancing strength , endurance ,flexibility and movement thru my weeks. Studying nutrition is another great way to improve Your life , Your looks, Your performance and Your brain . Focus on personal life , be there for the people who are worth it , even if You don’t feel like it . Long gone are the days where my workouts were more important than my family and friends . It’s a tough game , balancing everything together but it’s oh so beautiful and satisfying.

If You are not a professional athlete , the moment sport is lowering the quality of Your life i suggest You stop and think about it .


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