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Adjusting Your food intake with Your smartphone

    Balance is the Key

    Balance is the Key

It’s not about excerscisinng more or eating less , its all about the right balance inbetween . Here is a couple of apps You may need before we start

  1. Google Fit – a heart of this operation

  2. a workout Tracking app : I use Wahoo Fitness and Strava for the most of the time .

  3. a food tracking app : Myfitnesspal or a Cronometer for more stats but less connectivity with other ingredients of this recipe

  4. a Heart rate monitor – by no means a necessity but make yourself a favour and get a cheap Ant+ Device like Wahoo Tickr or Polar H7

There is a couple of formulas to estimate Your kcal intake . But I belive this is the most accurate way for an average above average Joe.

  1. Set Your Google Fit as Your pedometer to track Your steps

  2. Establish connection inbetween MyfitnesPal and Google Fit

  3. Establish connection between Strava and Google Fit only, don’t send the strava data to myfitnesspal or it will multiply same activity .

Here is how it works , Google fit Tracks Your steps and enables you to calculate Your Basic Metabolic Rate called simply BMR. It’s a rough estimated amount of kcal You burn without taking into account your physical activity. Every time You workout track it with Strava and since strava doesnt allow You to track Gym and indoor activities I use wahoo fitness app at these times. All of that data is being sent to Google Fit which later on sends it to Myfitnesspall. It is a place where you can log in your food (kcal ) intake , fear not its super easy and intuitive to track Your macros and kcals. With Myfitnesspall You can even scan a barcode of the food You consume instead of entering it by hand. There is so much food entries in it , that its a breeze to track anything, even meals at most of the restaurants since anyone can publish their meal entries. Myfitnesspal recieves your tracked steps and all physical activities from Google Fit, giving You a better rough estimate of burned kcal . It gives You a great summary of consumed and burned calories and an incredible ease of flexibility with manipulating Your macros . Cron-o-meter is a great alternative giving You an insight on micronutrients aswell , however it lacks the ease and connectivity of myfitnesspall.

There is also a social aspect of all these apps , hence why strava is so much fun to use. Make it your advantage and get friends to support each others on your journey fora better lives.

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