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5 ways to Boost Your Creativity

Zaktualizowano: 18 lip 2020

Creativity is a tool, therefore we can grab it in a snap of fingers! There are 3 things we forget too often when stuck in a creative rut.


1. Walk!

Walking makes life better," It’s just the way it is." A large number of studies proved that it improves our mood and elevates our creative forces.  Charles Dickens said it’s the best tool for any creative thinker, claiming to have been walking about 30 miles each day! I’m a bit skeptical about this 30 miles though… Even walking around Your apartment will do, however, to get the most benefits, go OUT!

2. Meditate 


Meditation allows our minds to wander around, creating a space to not to think about what we are about to accomplish as it seems. Well  … our subconscious mind is still working have no doubt about it, this is when a lot of great ideas pop into our heads when we don’t think about them.  Think about nothing to solve everything .

3. Visualize


Visualization! Such a powerful tool in our arsenal. Useful in multiple cases like sports, learning new instruments, or a new language. Visualize Yourself completing this amazing piece of art, or learning this beautiful piece on the piano . Look at how great it feels when You accomplish it.   See Yourself in a new place communicating with ease in the near future. Not only You will get it done, but it will happen in a much shorter time since you already saw Yourself completing the task anyway.

4. Stretch it .

I believe one of the most significant improvements in my life, was a habit of stretching as often as possible, daily, twice a day, as many times as necessary. A combination of Stretching and meditation is being called Yoga and has been cultivated for thousands of years. It isn't just a spiritual practice, its a great psychosomatic exercise for all of us.

5. DIY

Is there anything as down to earth as crafting something physical with your own hands? We live in the digital times. Less and less often we get a chance to do simple things like hiting nail on the head, joining two blocks of wood together, There is nothing like holding in hands something you have created yourself right here and right now.

What do You do when feeling stuck ?

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