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Productivity and Food


You are What You eat and more important , what Your drink.

A Few tips on getting the most of Your body and brain  without consuming Your time and money. All of  the food i list is relatively  cheap

Make Your nutrition as simple as possible .

Sort Your drinks and food accordingly to the time of the day  and Your work / workout schedule. Keep it simple , eat similar things day in day out as long as it works.                         If something upsets Your stomach eliminate it instantly . Most of Your nervous system is in Your gut , so take care of the bacterias that live in there .

If You eat breakfast and get hungry , intermittent fasting is the way to go. It keeps Your Blood glucose level in tact and You get the food thoughts out of your way .

Working out  Fasted must be proceeded with tons of water  , unless its first thing in the morning . Stay Hydrated , I cramp at least 2 bottles of water usually 3rd during workout. I schedule it as the  closing of a “THINGS I NEED TO GET DONE ” part of day . It’s all about scheduling .

Nutrition Routines for healthy gut and brain. 

Morning Drinks : Pu-erh tea , Green Tea , Yerba Mate , Water , Coconut oil , Cacao 


No Coffe ! I know … You have to let it go , its toxic , expensive , You have no control over caffeine  oxidation time. It’s dependant on beans individually   , which makes it impossible to estimate good time for a last cup not to disrupt Your REM sleep. Theombronine Is easily sorted by Your brain out of Adenoisine bonding , making it easier to fall asleep.

Sweet tooth for a tea ? Use cinnamon


Spices : Cinnamon  , Cayenne pepper , Ginger , Tumeric 

//Fasting Phase\\ – getting the most important  things done , wether its pleasure or eating frogs. Drinking HIPS of Water. Chewing on Herbs like Rosemary. Avoid sweetners !

Afternoon : a  post workout meal.

Remember to fuel right for different type of activity.

In case of training at higher Heart Rate : introduce Carbs that Your body digest with no hiccups,  my favorite meal  :

black beans / banana / sweet potato  / Butternut squash  ,with tons of cinnamon and rosemary , Sesame seeds. all fried in coconut oil on low heat .

In case of strength  / aerobic training :  Dietary Fats with a ton of  green vegetables : 

Wild Cought Fish like Mackrell , Sardines , Wild Salmon , Tilapia . Seeds : Flax , Sesame , Pumpkin , Chia , Walnuts , Brazil Nuts , Healthy Oils : Olive Oil , Flax oil

Herbs : Rosemary , Oregano , Basil , Tumeric , Black Pepper , Chili pepper , Himalayan Salt. 

Evening Beverages :


Chamomile , Lemon Balm , White Tea , every now and than Red Wine preferably Pinot Noir

Since Late nights are the  most creative time for me  I use a  reasonable amounts of Yerba Mate or Cacao , all stopped 3-4 hours before going to sleep. Always take care of Your SLEEP ! 8 hours or more after really hard workouts ! 

Evening Foods : Something to keep Yourself satiated e.g 1kg of broccoli and cauliflower served with grinder seeds. Olive oil , Flax oil. 

List of Herbs and Spices to Improve Cognitive Function and Lower sugar blood levels. 


Cinnamon, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger, Tumeric, Rosemary, Sage, Peppermint, Cumin are Your best Bet , as they are very inexpensive .

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