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Quick trick for introverts to combat anxiety

If you are like me , you may be programmed to switching Your introvert Mode ON in the least wanted occasion

In an outsider’s eye it seems quite normal, meeting with friends , chatting maybe even a drink on a rare occasion , but what happens often inside of my head is a real life battle . I have a very bipolar nature , I’m acting either extravertic or go back to being a pure introvert closed in it’s own world. for that matter that’s how i spent vast majority of my life , before i decided i need to change it .

….We speak , we laugh but something in my head tells me “dude It’s a waste of time, get out of here “, and usually that’s what i would do. Especially when it comes to interaction with other people , doesn’t go by my thoughts . Most often this happens with people that are closer to You. Maybe even friends or a family. I would always make an excuse and go back to my cave to work on music.

I got to conclusionthat since being a social animal is part of a game and it’s scientificaly proven to keeps= our brains sharp in all areas of our lives, I gotta start playing . Being more effective in shorter time is the goal , so it helps to be social without a doubt. Networking is highly essential skill , and for introverts it is one of the hardest to obtain . So I do often force myself to stay within certain companies of people, but it’s not as miserable as it have been before , due to a simple trick . Being Selfish for others.

When i get completely bored with my surroundings I try to think of how could i improve the life of people around in this particular moment . It gives me that feeling of being on the top of the conversation, and presents a cognitive task that is quite fun to solve . That small selfish thought of me being here to help others… It quickly releases a lot of tension , and immidietly shuts down stress . Just repeat this sentece in Your head ” I am here for the others It’s a duty to improving people’s live, It ain’t easy ! ” Treat it like a game .

It’s a very simple trick , that will actually vastly improve the quality of Your time, therefore others around You aswell.

We can’t control it all , and relationships are something that we need to work on with other people constantly . Think about these moments as of gaining experience in a RPG game . You could even call it a more real life POKEMON GO , catch the positive attention of all of them . It adds value to both sides.

On the other hand time is the most precious resource so You need to judge for Yourself wether it’s You being a little bitch , or it’s truly something not worth Your attention. but first imply You being the superior person helping others around You.

I’m still not gonna bother with people around me being way to drunk or high , but I’ll always try to make a simple conversation the most interesting one .

Give it a Go . Take a deep breat and : “You’re here for the others .”

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